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Premium Domain Names For Sale

Are you ready to start blogging now?  These premium domain names are for sale and have WordPress already loaded!*  That means once you pay for the domain, I will send you your login and password so that you can get started blogging right away!  These premium domain names are being sold at a reduced price (compared to GoDaddy’s price).  Each domain will come with WordPress blogging software installed, a premium template with lots of features, some content (so that the domain is already showing up in search engines), website hosting, and email at your new domain name. The first 3 months of website hosting & email are free with a domain purchase.  There will be a $14.99 monthly fee to cover hosting, domain renewal, bi-monthly database backup, and technical support (up to 1 hour per month).  The monthly fee will bill through PayPal or it can be paid annually by PayPal, check, or money order.

Premium Domain Name Sale Price Keywords / Topic $2,999.00 Astrology Gallery, psychic, reading, horoscope, tarot, reading the stars, numerology, chakra $1,249.00 Zombie Lover, Zombies, horror movies, The Walking Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Haitian Creole, animated corpse, vodoo, virus $1,799.00 Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape, Yeti, Bigfoot sightings, Bigfoot Hunters, BFRO, Abominable Snow Monster $1,249.00 Deer Hunting, buck, doe, bow hunting, rifle, deer season, deer stand $1,249.00 Duck hunter, duck hunting, turkey hunting, gun, shotgun $1,799.00 Hunting, Fishing, hunter, outdoors, fishing pole, tackle, bait, shoot, mount, taxidermy $1,249.00 Catfish, cat fish, catfishing, fishing, fisherman, bass $1,249.00 Farm, farming, farmer, crops, fields, tractor, plow, corn, harvest, wheat, soybeans, beans, hay, pigs, cows, cattle, chickens $849.00 Horse lover, Equestrian, Horseback Riding, Horse Racing $849.00 Alien Abduction, UFO, ebe, spacecraft, extra-terrestrial $849.00 UFO, Unidentified Flying Object, Spaceship, Spacecraft, Flying Saucer, Flying Disk, Sighting $399.00 Crafting, Crafts, Homemade, Handcrafted, home made, hand crafted, art, scrapbooking, quilting, sewing $399.00 Crocheting, Crochet, yarn, patterns, hook, single crochet, double, triple, chain, filet $699.00 Knitting, Knit, stitches, purl, stockinette, bind off, needles, cable, Continental, English, Fair Isle $399.00 Homebirth, Natural birth, home birth, doula, midwife, doula pool, baby, having a baby $399.00 Pregnant, pregnancy, baby, birth, c-section, cesarian $499.00 Moms Notebook, mom, momma, mommy, motherhood, tips, toddlers, babies, kids, children, teaching, raising kdis $849.00 Bird Lover, birds, bird watching, aviav, flock $699.00 Kitty Cat, kitten, pet, love, pussycat, cats, kittens, cuddle, cute, soft, adorable $1,499.00 Astrology Gallery, clairvoyant, spells, exorcism, remove negative energy $1,499.00 Astrology Gallery, psychic reading, crystals, gems, energy $999.00 Astrology Gallery, medium, spiritual cleansing, chakra balancing $999.00 Astrology Gallery, mobile website $499.00 Astrology Gallery organization, stars, constellations, star gazing, solar system $499.00 Astrology Gallery, runes reading, palm reading, palmistry $5,969.00 G Spot, G-spot, sex tips, intercourse

* WordPress may not be installed yet on every domain since I am always buying new domains. If you are interested in a domain that is not setup, please let me know and I can get it ready for you.

If you are interested in one of these premium domain names, please email me at