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$100 Coupon / Discount DIRECTV

Save $100 when you sign up for DirecTV!

If you are a planning to set up NEW service with DIRECTV, then I can save you $100!

All you have to do is call DIRECTV at 1-855-822-4388 & give them my account number #39944947 when ordering.  You will get $10/month credit for your first 10 months of service (I get $100 off my bill, too, which is obviously why I want you to do this).  So I’d love it for you to sign up & help reduce my bills as well as your own!

By the way, I’ve had Dish Network before & DIRECTV and I really do like our service with DIRECTV.  So think of this as $100 coupon and you’re helping out a work-from-home mom. If you do use my account number I’d appreciate you leaving me a comment just so I have a heads up, but if you don’t, that’s cool too!

This offer expires 7/18/2012 according to the last statement I received, but they may continue this offer after that.

Your Thrifty Friend!

Make Your Own Bath Soaps, Salts, Oils Recipe eBook

500 Bath and Beauty Recipes eBook

A wonderful and extensive guide to all natural bath and beauty products!  The wonderful aromas are designed to relax, calm, rejuvenate, and so much more.  From the Beeswax Lip Balm to the Velvet Seduction Erotic Massage Oil. You can save money and know exactly what your bath and beauty products contain by making the simple recipes contained in 500 Bath and Beauty Recipes!

Enjoy the relaxing natural scents of vanilla, almond, apricot, peach, raspberry, strawberry, coconut, apple, orange, tangerine, cucumber, honey, chamomile, jasmine, sandalwood, rose petals, lilacs, lavender, oatmeal, aloe vera, spearmint, peppermint, green tea, and so much more.

500 Bath and Beauty Recipes contains recipes for:

Scented bath soaps, shower gel, fragrant bubble bathes, balancing bath salts, fizzy bath salts, scented bath oil, all natural milk bath, body soaps/scrubs, body powders, and a detox bath that is so refreshing!

Scented hair gel, frizz tamer, blonde and red highlights, shampoos & conditioners, honey treatment for very dry damaged hair, several types of face toners, wrinkle creams & lotions, facial soaps/cleansers/masks/scrubs, Cool As A Cucumber Yogurt Facial, avocado & honey moisturizer mask, honey oatmeal scrub, astringent (sage, rose water, strawberry), creamy sun-tan lotion, insect repellant cream, lip balms, lip gloss, teeth care, breath fresheners, deodorants, perfumes, body sprays, eye care, makeup remover, nail care, and foot scrub.

Massage oils (diuretic, anti-cellulite, essential), a variety of erotic massage oils, exotic patchouli massage oil, massage oils to help with: menopause, PMS, post-pregnancy depression, stretch marks.

Click here to get your own copy:  500 Bath and Beauty Recipes.