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$100 Coupon / Discount DIRECTV

Save $100 when you sign up for DirecTV!

If you are a planning to set up NEW service with DIRECTV, then I can save you $100!

All you have to do is call DIRECTV at 1-855-822-4388 & give them my account number #39944947 when ordering.  You will get $10/month credit for your first 10 months of service (I get $100 off my bill, too, which is obviously why I want you to do this).  So I’d love it for you to sign up & help reduce my bills as well as your own!

By the way, I’ve had Dish Network before & DIRECTV and I really do like our service with DIRECTV.  So think of this as $100 coupon and you’re helping out a work-from-home mom. If you do use my account number I’d appreciate you leaving me a comment just so I have a heads up, but if you don’t, that’s cool too!

This offer expires 7/18/2012 according to the last statement I received, but they may continue this offer after that.

Your Thrifty Friend!