A Company is Working on the cure for FNAIT / NAIT!!!

I am so ridiculously excited about this. I was in my Facebook NAIT group and saw a link about this company needed mother’s plasma that are negative for HPA-1a antigen. THAT’S ME!!!

So I submitted my information to donate plasma and am hoping I will be able to help create the cure for this disorder! Prophylix Pharma is the company from Norway that is dedicated to creating the cure. Their website states:

Preventing FNAIT

The drug that we aim to develop for prevention of FNAIT will work in the exact same way as anti-D immunoglobulin which today is used to protect Rhesus-negative women from being immunized against RhD antigen on the surface of red blood cells from their foetuses.

The extensive use of anti-D immunoglobulin therapy has shown that immunoglobulins may effectively prevent a woman from being immunized by an antigen from her foetus. Most importantly, the therapy is very safe.

Mothers, we need your help!

Please sign up as plasma donor, if you have given birth to an FNAIT child and want to help us save the lives of babies at risk of developing FNAIT.

I would love to be able to have another baby and not have to have a PICC line and 34 eight-hour IVIG treatments!  Maybe I could even carry the baby to full term and not have to deal with jaundice or the baby not nursing enough… better not get ahead of myself. 🙂  Lucy just started walking last month!  She was born with 224K platelets thanks to my treatements (I did get to play an excessive amount of Plans vs Zombies on my laptop during those treatments – which would never have happened otherwise).  🙂

Anyway, if you’re a mom that found my blog because you have NAIT / FNAIT / MFAIT and you are missing antigen HPA-1a, then please sign up and send your plasma to Norway!


Video by naitbabies:  http://www.blog.naitbabies.org/