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Premium Domain Names For Sale

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* WordPress may not be installed yet on every domain since I am always buying new domains. If you are interested in a domain that is not setup, please let me know and I can get it ready for you.

If you are interested in one of these premium domain names, please email me at jessica@hounderbounder.com.

Zombies, Bigfoot, and Aliens, oh my!

What do these things have in common?
They are awesome and lots of people love them (like me)!  So Sci-fi lovers keep reading!  And if you’re like me, you nearly detest referring to these things (at least bigfoot & aliens) as Sci-fi because you know they are real!

I love watching zombie movies, especially The Walking Dead! But I don’t really think zombies will ever walk the Earth. An infectious plague to wipe out mankind, sure. But not actually walking dead corpses, jeez, at least I hope not.  But on-screen entertainment, absolutely! Shaun of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead remake (and the original), Zombieland, Land of the Dead are all great movies (and I own them all).  Check out the WordPress blog website www.zombieloverblog.com which is for sale!

Josh Gates with Yeti footprint cast 2007

Now bigfoot on the other hand I do believe is real. I think (and hope) that Josh Gates of Syfy’s Destination Truth will find the Yeti in the Himalayas first.  Whether it’s called a Sasquatch or a Skunk Ape, I think they are skilled creatures that have avoided humans well. Obviously many people have seen them and know them to be real. I don’t think all of those people are making it up (but I’m sure a few are) .  This WordPress Blog, www.mybigfootblog.com, is also for sale!

Aliens & UFOs?  Of course I think they are real.  If you don’t think they are real then do and hour of research.  Watch The Forth Kind or UFO Hunters.  Read The Day After Roswell by Col. Philip J. Corso.  I have never seen a UFO or met an alien and as much as I’m intrigued by their existence, I don’t know that I want to.  The abduction stories scare me, and not in a fun-dark-movie-theater way.  I would like to see a UFO, but only from a nice, safe distance.  I have 2 domains that I will be setting up WordPress blogs for sale related to aliens.  I hope to talk to some people who have had real alien encounters while selling these 2 websites: www.alienabductionjournal.com and www.myufoblog.com.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these blog websites, please leave a comment and I will be in touch with you.